Cheese boards are growing in popularity turning them into one of the common staples in preparing a variety of dishes. Presentation is considered to be one of the strongest suite of slate cheese boards which in turn helps breathe new life with the food that you are serving. It should be noted that cheese is not the only item people are adding with their cheese boards. The food selection has indeed expanded giving their users plenty of options to choose from. Let us look at what items you can put on a cheese board.


Appetizers and Snacks


Cheese board are often used to serve appetizers and snacks. They are considered to be a very good alternative with conventional trays. As mentioned earlier, slate cheese board’s presentation is top notch which helps inspire creativity to their users. Food such as sausage, chips, crackers and cookies are common food items that are integrated with these cheese boards. For those who are looking for a good alternative with their cheese board, they can serve fruits and nuts for a healthier treat. See some interesting slate cheese board at

Cheese boards thrive from the huge selection it offers to their guest. For that matter, you may want to consider serving different types of cheese to be able to cater to the different preference and tastes of your guests. Another thing to note that these type of food work great with their complementary condiments so it is important to reserve a good amount of space for them. Condiments such as salsa as well as chili spread help provide the extra chili and spice your guest may be looking for.

Getting an extra cheese board can be a very worthwhile investment as you can use them when you are expecting large guests to arrive. Others find good value when they go for a much bigger slate cheese board giving them plenty of space to fit any item that they want.

There are indeed plenty of food items you can add with your cheese board making them a very much sought after kitchen item in the present. Aside from food, be sure to not forget adding a pair of knives for cutting, a spoon for the salsa as wells a cheese fork for moving slices from cheese board to individual plates. Prepare these items with your slate cheese board to help your guest serve their snacks for themselves in a timely and orderly fashion.

While there is not much gardening to be done during the dead of winter, gardening gifts are still 
appreciated by those who love to garden. Personalized wellies and personalized tools are lovely 
on their own or combined in garden themed gift baskets. 
Uncommon Gifts: Hand Painted Wellies 
Bright and cheerful wellies have become popular for splashing about in the rain. Even better, 
paint a plain pair of wellies for a unique and personalized gift. Not only is this a personalized 
gift, but the gardener will always be able to spot her boots. Know the shoe size of intended gift 
recipient and go shopping for a sturdy, good quality pair of rubber garden boots. 
Some draw by hand; other prefer using a stencil. In either case, choose a simple, cute design 
appropriate for the individual gardener. Carrots and tomatoes are nice for a vegetable gardener, 
roses or sunflowers for a flower gardener. Don’t forget to add a butterfly or bee. 
Materials Needed for Personalized Wellington Boots 
Wellington boots 
Felt tip pen 
Enamel paints 
Small paintbrush 
Stencil (optional) 
Draw or trace a pattern on the wellies with a pencil. When it looks as you want it, trace over the 
pencil lines with a felt tip pen. 
Use enamel paints found in art supply shops. Paint the basic pattern and let dry overnight. When 
dry, go back and paint the details. Let these boots dry for at least three days before presenting 
them as a gift. After three days the boots may be worn by the gift recipient. 
Personalized Garden Tools 
Brightly-colored hand tools are less likely to get lost in the garden. 
Set of wooden handled tools 
Gloss paint 
White craft glue 
Look for a set of brand new garden hand tools with metal blades and wooden handles. A good 
set will include a trowel, transplanter, and rake or cultivator. Some sets include a hoe, some 
include other items, as well. 
Lightly sand the wooden handles of the tools. Choose a bright color of glossy exterior paint, such 
as bright yellow, bright red, or bright blue. The color should be easy to spot in the garden. Paint 
the handles with two coats, allowing to dry between coats. 
When completely dry, affix stickers. Insects, flowers, vegetables, or anything the gift recipient 
will enjoy. Paint glue on the handle, affix sticker, and paint a little more glue over the sticker. 
This is for best adhesion. 
When dry, apply several coats of liquid varnish with a paintbrush, and let dry between coats. No 
other gardener will have this unique set of tools!

A woman’s body has a complex mechanism that needs constant maintenance. While being delicate, a female body is a powerful instrument in charge of bringing a new life into this world. This puts additional pressure on our beings. We have a complex hormonal cycle, which if not taken care of can lead to complications. Ovulation and menstrual cycles always hang in a delicate balance, which if not maintained can cause problems.

With the stress of a fast life, managing work and home congruously is challenging. This brings with it strain that can affect our mental as well as physical health. Cases of disturbed menstrual cycles, insulin resistance, and PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome are widely prevalent today. The stresses of our regular life wreck havoc with our hormones and in turn adversely affect our health. This hormonal imbalance leads to these various diseases and health conditions. It also, in turn, gives rise to a large number of fertility problems prevalent today.

Yoga and meditation if practiced regularly can cause a world of improvement in this respect. Meditating or twenty minutes every day will relax and mind and ease any stress you have been carrying around. Overthinking problems never solves them. Meditating will help flush out these negative thoughts from your system.

Yoga is an ancient art of exercise, perfected by centuries of repetitive practice. It is accurate in its stead and poses no harm or side effects. If practiced with proper technique, you will find perfect harmony interwoven in the sequence of its various exercises. Every pose has a counter pose. Use correct breathing to complement the postures, and the benefits would be immense.

The Asanas work on the four important glands that govern the hormones in the female body. The ovaries are located in the pelvic region and produce female hormones. The adrenal glands produce female sex hormones and are located above the kidneys. The thyroid gland controls our body’s sensitivity towards other hormones and also regulates metabolism. It is based on the collar bone. The Pituitary gland is the master gland that controls all other glands. Located behind the eyebrow, it is in charge of reproductive function and sexual development.

Regular practice of Yoga stimulates all these four glands and helps them function in harmonious synergy. Balances asanas like the firefly pose, the tree pose, the triangle pose and the warrior pose stimulate the pituitary gland. Sasangasana or the rabbit pose involves kneeling forward and bending the head on the floor to stretch the spine. This and the Ustrasana or the camel pose stimulate the thyroid gland. Sukasana and titaliasana are good for the adrenal gland. Janushirshasana, Bhujangasana and the Marjariasana focus on the lower spine and strengthen the pelvic area.

Women recovering from abdominal surgeries or those who are pregnant should abstain from Yoga. Other than that every woman should mandatorily practice it routinely for maximum health benefits.