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Meaningful photos and films are not about perfect outfits and beautiful locations.  They are about the stories they tell and the feelings they evoke.  That is why I photograph families in their favorite place being exactly who they are.

I love working with parents who cherish photos & videos full of genuine laughter and connection. They are people who also believe real life is beautiful and family is everything. 

I am so confident you will love your photos that I offer a 100% money back guarantee. 
No questions asked!

It goes by so fast....

"These years with Your young children are the most important"

In 2015, after 6 years as Maine Photographers specializing in weddings, my husband and I decided to change our focus.  We had no idea what was next but we followed our hearts.  

A few years later we welcomed our miracle baby into the world.  From that moment on our lives were changed forever.    

 As a new mom, I finally realized just how important photographs really are.  No one can quite prepare you for how quickly babies change and grow.

Having pictures from this time allows me to relive it over and over.  However, even more importantly, it is my gift to my son.  We sit down and look through our photo books laughing and sharing memories.  

In this busy world, having family photos done can feel very overwhelming.  Picking the outfits, planning the locations, scheduling the dates.  However, I am here to make the process very simple. 

My sessions are relaxed, fun and authentic.  I help guide you through the process so that when the day comes you feel confident and your whole family is excited.  

Let me help you give the gift of family photographs to your children.  

I am so sure you will love your photographs that I offer a 100% money back guarantee!


"You are AMAZING.  Soooo beautiful.  I LOVE all of them, now i'm going to have 90 pictures hanging all over my house.  Thank you so much!  You nailed it as always!"-Michelle

"You are a magician"-bri

So much love here